Plenty of room in the excursions

There is still plenty of room in the excursions (esp. Chocolate & Smakbyn). In fact, if more people don’t sign up, there is a risk we’ll have to cancel one or both of them…

But not to fear: there is still chance for signing up! If you’re wondering whether or not you should go, wonder no longer! Just decide to go!

And you can, of course, sign up here:

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Download the programme booklet

You can now download the Åcon 6 programme booklet or read it on the web (the web version should work great on small screens too).

• epub
• pdf

Read on the web
• Welcome to Åcon 6
• Tricia Sullivan – the Guest of Honour
• Programming
• Members
• Eating, shopping and the map
• Åcon on the intertubulars & free wi-fi

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Sign up for the excursions!

Do you want to visit an impressive second hand bookshop, or take part of the legendary chocolate tasting, or take a trip to a vineyard, or visit the Kastelholm castle?

Sign up for the excursions now!

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The programme is here

No, you can’t download the programme booklet just yet, but you can see the programme grid for Åcon 6. Click here to get to the spreadsheet on Google drive.

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Six more rooms!

The hotel has let us know that even though the Åcon reservation block has been
released, there are still six rooms available for the general public.

So, if you hurry you might still get a room at the con hotel.

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List of members updated

The list of members has been updated. If you have paid you should see your name on the list.

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Hotel booking extended

Adlon has agreed to extend the booking another week, until April 9, so if
missed the dead-line, there’s still time to book a room!

Also, don’t forget to both sign up and pay for your Åcon membership
we’re still waiting for quite a few payments.

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Still room at Adlon

If you have been told that Adlon is fully booked when you tried to book a room for Åcon try again. There seems to have been a mixup at the hotel, but now all the receptionists should be aware that there still are rooms at Adlon for people coming to Åcon.

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The deadlines are looming

Åcon is closing fast – and the deadlines for booking your hotel room and trip from Finland are closing even faster! The deadline for both the hotel and the trip is April 2nd and that is in one week!

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Book of the night

The Åcon 6 Book of the Night is Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived in the Castle. Read more on the programme page.

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