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Åcon 6 is proud to present

Tricia Sullivan

as the guest of honour at the greatest sf convention on the Åland islands!

When: May 9–12, 2013

Where: Hotel Adlon, Mariehamn, Åland, Finland, Europe, Sol-3

How much: €25

– all of the programming in English
– a small, fannish, literary, cross-cultural relaxacon
– membership cap at about 100 members
– a gathering of fans mainly from Finland and Sweden
– the most fun you can have in a DMZ (at least until Wårldcon)
– Åcon is pronounced awe-con, (it really is that åsome!)

Join us!

We tweet at @aacon_sf
Find us on Facebook by searching for Åcon
(or acon if å has run away from your keyboard).

Want to e-mail the committee?
Please do: acon@sci.fi